More communication
with substance, please!

Some say that content is key to success.
But no one is searching for content really…
We all search to enlighten and enrichen our knowledge.
We search for answers and solutions, not content.
And since we are in a hurry, we need it short, precise and easy to perceive.

Each company consists of valuable knowledge
to be disseminated and shared.


We are trusted by very large and international companies, dominant players within their industries and also very important local patriotic companies. Scroll down to see a selection of our latest work. 


If you like to know why our animated infographics works so efficiently, especially with sales and training – we are more than happy to meet with you. And do not worry, the first meeting is free. And the rest is worth every penny.

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KimBO Christensen

/Visual communication

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Majken Christensen

/Management + economy


We are a small and very busy team of skilled communicators
– and we call our network Substans.


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